effective practice

Due to the small playing areas, you practice more concentrated and conscious.
You develop an ergonomically sensible stick position in a natural way because shoulders, arms and fingers automatically become calmer in order to hit the practice pads.

Your strokes will be more precise and your stick control will improve enormously.

You determine the degree of precision by selecting the pad. The exact meeting of the 60 mm model is still relatively easy. With 50, 40, 30 and even more so with a face diameter of 20 mm it gets much more exciting.
After a few acclimatization strokes, you will notice how helpful it is to play with DRUMPRAX pads.

optimal rebound

A perfect rebound - i.e. the optimal springback of your sticks is essential for a comfortable playing feeling.

The rebound with your DRUMPRAX pads is a little less strong than that of a `normal` tuned snare drum head, in order to train your muscles better and to give you a more pleasant rebound feeling when switching to the drum set.

You can vary the rebound by experimenting with the different attachment options. For example, the more you tighten the screw on a multiclamp, the stronger the rebound. So you can adjust different skin tensions as precisely as possible.

Give it a try ... every drummer has different preferences and it is difficult to describe a good playing feeling in words!

super quiet

The volume of the DRUMPRAX pads remains pleasantly quiet even with strong accent strokes. Discreet practice is possible everywhere.

During band rehearsals, in which the fellow musicians discuss the right key for hours, you can invest valuable practice time in rudiments without annoying the rest of the band.
Or practice singlestrokes, doublestrokes or triplestrokes in the living room while the roommates stream series undisturbed.

Let's go !

pocket size

Each 20 mm `Single Pad` and each `Take 5` Set contains a keyring with keyringadapter to remind you in practicing anywhere anytime.

No more excuses !